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    Our agency is comprised of four office locations in and around the Albany area: GlenmontKinderhookPine Plains, and Catskill.

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    Drones and Insurance

    Drones create a host of potential insurance issues and claims that need to be considered.

    Personal liability claims arising out of privacy violations, bodily injury and property damage are most likely going to be excluded from the typical insurance policy.

    Click here to watch a 60 Minutes segment on Drones in America.


    Converting to Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

    "If saving money is one of your new year’s resolutions, one way might be as simple as flicking a switch. Converting to energy saver bulbs can reap real savings but many people are confused and frustrated by the array of choices and the unfamiliar terminology when shopping."

    Read more:


    Reform of the Wage Theft Prevention Act 

    "Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation repealing a requirement that businesses provide in-state employees with a written notice every January telling them how much they are paid and their job classification."

    Read more:


    NYS Employee Wage Theft Prevention Act


    Identity Theft

    In this age of technology and information sharing, our security and financial wellbeing are at risk from criminals.

    Here is a short 60 Minutes story that highlights some of the dangers: